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“It is the system of nationalist individualism that has to go… We are living in the end of the sovereign states….In the great struggle to evoke a Westernized World Socialism, contemporary governments may vanish….Countless people…will hate the new world order….and will die protesting against it. ”
by H.G. Wells, in his book, The New World Order, 1940


November 10, 2012 by JGVibes
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bilderberg 1 292x300 In Vulgar Post Election Tirade Italian Politician Says that Obama ...By JG Vibes
November 10, 2012

To most of the people who will end up reading this, it should come as no surprise that most, if not all, of the politicians that are paraded around in front of us are just representatives for the elusive ruling class that sits behind them.

The ruling class controls the various branches of governments through think tanks and international policy organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Committee of 300, and the Bilderberg Group, just to name a few.

This week, just after the election, Mario Borghezio, a member of the European Parliament, actually connected president Obama and former president Clinton to the infamous Bilderberg Group in a vulgar tirade during a radio interview.

Borghezio is no freedom fighter, he just happens to be a different brand of thief than Obama, with different goals and motivations in terms of global policy.

It is important to mention that he does have a history of extreme xenophobia and in many cases supported police state policies.

With that being said, an enemy of our enemy isn’t always necessarily our friend, so we are in no way celebrating this guy.

However, it is a very big deal when a member of the European politician establishment mentions the Bilderberg group by name due to the fact that the very existence of the group is denied by so many mainstream sources.

In the interview Borghezio said:

“Obama is a good boy, a self-made person, (but) he rose with the support of secret societies like the Bilderberg Group..

It’s a little like it was with Clinton: some complete f-cking nobody who suddenly becomes a great figure,(Obama) was a petty lawyer who defended the rights of blacks and nobody knew who the f-ck he was (…) but then he became the puppet of big lobbies.”

With Borghezio falling onto the right end of the false right/left dichotomy, it is no surprise that he didn’t call out Romney and Bush as well, but you can be sure that both Democrat and Republican candidates alike are hand selected by the Bilderberg group.

Every year their annual meeting gets even more and more negative attention as the world begins to understand how they have been deceived and manipulated by the people involved with this organization.

In 2011, when they met in Switzerland, they encountered resistance like they had never seen before, in addition to the scores of activists there were also various politicians from the European Union there to protest the meeting.

Mario Borghezio was one of the politicians that went there to protest and actually had his nose broken when attempting to enter the hotel.

Just this past year in 2012, Bilderberg met again in Virginia and this time the crowds protesting them had grown exponentially.

The IntelHub was on location with exclusive reports, articles, pictures and videos.

Our coverage for this years Bilderberg event and protest can be found at THIS LINK.  For a quick navigation of my personal articles on the event, you can find them through THIS LINK.


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J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer and reporter for The Intel Hub and host of a show called Voluntary Hippie Radio

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